Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Innovation thru the eyes of others

Let's take the last story post to othe aspects of business tonight.

Sometimes a new perspective, a new way to see old ways of doing things, is needed in order to get change to happen. We get stuck in our old ways of doing things and lose sight of potential opportunities for change because "that's how things are".

It takes an outsider to shake up our view of the world.

This week saw two great examples of this in the medical space.
First, the TEDMed presentation by Thomas Goetz. He speaks on involving patients more in decisions about their care by giving them information about their health in a digestable format.

"It took Wired less than $10,000 to do this. Why is Wired doing this?"

Second is the story of a UK engineer faced with a frightening diagnosis. He saw flaws in the device doctors wanted to implant in his heart and set out to develop an alternative. Two years of modeling and rapid prototyping later, he had the device implanted and it's now being used for other patients with Marfan syndrome.

Two stories of outsiders looking at the status quo and saying "This can be better". V cool.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seeing through another's eyes

When I was building the career map that led me to "story", I was trying to understand what theme ran underneath my varied interests.
Why Oliver Sacks, Caro & Jeunet, creole literature, and indie music?
The answer I came up with is "perspective". I love seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

This is an important element of story. Hearing and telling the tales of others gives you perspective on what life is like for others. How they deal in times of crisis. How different life can be.

They broaden horizons, letting you witness and process experiences that will never happen to you in life. Living in a waterless cabin in Alaska ( ; ) Hi, Kriss!), performing an operation with Tourettes (sp?), fighting for your life against people who hate you for who your family is.

They inspire and activate you to make connections, right wrongs, change the way you treat people.

Stories are personal. They help us understand our lives. They connect us to our past. And they connect us to each other by opening our eyes.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

3 words for 2011

(Btw, this is the picture that I couldn't get where I wanted it the other day.)

(This is my first full post from my phone, as I'm have a dispute w the desktop's monitor@ the mo. Plz forgive spacing errors& other typos)

3 words to set the tone for 2011. I like this idea better than resolutions. I've always been one for themes above discrete concepts.

Funny that it's 3. So many things are in 3s. 3 points in a callout list. 3's in fables (pigs, bears, & whatnot). Tries for the prize. And the 3s that permeate so many classic stories. Why do we gravitate so to 3?

Anyway. Mine are:
- Creativity- In blogs, work, crafts, food, home. I'm always excited at the thought. I intend to theme each month around a type of craft or specific project - besides ongoing other stuff. Since january is a break from crafts, creativity will come in handiwork on the tub (wahoo!) And organizing my study.

- Confidence.- I'm changing a bunch of stuff up this year. Treading where I have not yet put footprints in the snow. I can rock it. I just need to keep remembering that.

- Energy.- To feed the rest. To break down that wall my scale has raised before me. To be someone who stirs excitement in others thru her own enthusiasm. I refuse to let nonsense bog me down any more. Done!

What are your 3?
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New perspective

(grr the photo I wanted is not cooperating, skipping it)
If you read RoelleKids or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know already that I've started a new job. I've left Kodak and joined a small, young, but fast growing market research supplier called KJT Group. As always, what I post is my opinion alone and should not reflect on my work.

I spent the first few days at the new job absorbing. Trying to get a feel for the projects and clients underway. The style of KJT storytelling/ reporting. Market research is in my blood, so that won't be a big adjustment.

I also tried to start my brainstorm engine of a brain on thoughts on how I could grow the business - in what new directions I could take it. I struggled a bit because my brain kept going to things to make instead of questions to ask, but hey, I've been on the job all of 3 days - and ideas are starting to form.

What should be cool is that, minus certain stressors that left me headachey, tormented, with a sour stomach the last few falls, I'm thinking I'll be able to do a lot more here. Watch for it. Consider this a transition post - I'm kicking the game up a level starting now.

More soon! Next up - my 3 words for 2011 - only a week behind!