Friday, July 24, 2009

Just missing the bunnies

So I've been following the guys from Plaid on their summer tour through the heartland - Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St Louis. I've been meaning to post about it - but haven't been thinking in longer hunks than tweets the last few days.

Anyway - their stop in the Windy City was awesome. I loved the creative workspace and startup personality of Threadless. The cupcakes, flavors, and pregnancy-craving inspiration of Bleeding Heart Bakery.

They bleed personality. Add all of this up and you get a successful business that's not afraid to be who they are, and speak to a niche audience. Loudly.
(Something more should learn to do)

Finally, I've long been a fan of 826 Valencia - The Pirate Store - and anyone who comes up with novel ways to encourage learning - especially reading & writing, so it was fun to see the Boring Store.

Thanks to Plaid for sharing their tour - every little bit - and the insights into success from companies big (Ford) and small.

BUT - I think the flames on the Flex need some bunnies!

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