Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sharing is a circle

I'm back. Got a bit distracted there for a while. Over at The Roelle Kids, I talked yesterday about my themes for 2009. (Focus, Calm, Circle - soon it will be a mantra I've embroidered into my clothes...)

Circle ties back to much of the storytelling theme I'm working on developing here - when I get around to posting, that is. Yes, Circle is about sharing of all types and it's partially a reminder to participate and keep in touch. But it ties to my work and to anyone who hopes to engage in conversations with people, too.

Sharing is not one way. Any system, process, or habit that is built with only one direction in mind is at high risk of failure because it will be unfulfilling.

Push communications from companies that don't conceive of the possibility of dialogue are unrealistic and as bad as TV commercials, because you know the company is not listening in return.

Social environments that focus on sending your content out without easy reciprocation can become annoyances to the target recipients. Twitter and Friendfeed have value in the conversation. Facebook mastered the newsfeed to key users in on what friends are doing.
- I need to think about that more. I totally see how a social environment that is a circle is advantaged, but I need to figure out how blogging fits in.
- I struggle w/ comments as an exclusive means of completing the circle because they are so infrequently used.

(Well, I'm focusing on this all year, so you'll be able to see it evolve and flesh out further. Your thoughts are welcome. This is a good start.)

Neil Gaiman recently made a comment regarding the different reactions people can have to the same book - and the fact that we're different people bringing different experiences to the reading totally explains this. (Totally true - I'm pretty sure a large part of my negative reaction to Twilight is because I wrote very similar stuff while in high school (and while not too shabby, it was silly high school writing then, too))
Anyway, here's his quote:
"You bring yourself to a book, after all; every book is collaborative."

Collaborative, circle, conversation - it's all good.

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