Friday, May 15, 2009

A quick note on how not to appeal to me as a woman -

Copying here an email I sent to some friends -
I appreciate ShinyShiny and PopGadget. I appreciate some of the cool new flower designs and pink (most of the time) and green and cuteness like the Nissan Cube.

What really really irks me is "this is for chics so the techy side of things needs to be about weight loss and yoga" - Way to insult more than half of your demographic. GRRRRRRRRR


In the moment that seemed to say it all. Now I feel a need to explain a bit more.

I get highly offended when I am told something needs to be adjusted for me "because I'm a girl". I grew up with two brothers and lots of guy friends and I see no reason "girl" needs to equal "froofroo". When searching for colleges, I got highly offended by brochures for women's schools that said "We know girls can't perform to their top potential if there are GUYS around." Consider the gauntlet dropped, dude!

So, in my quick glance at the Della site, and its list of reasons why a netbook is the way to go, I couldn't help but focus on "calorie-counting, yoga tips, and planning dinner for your family". And I didn't have time to do more than gut react - There are a whole lot of elements to chics - and if you want to market to them, don't confine yourself to '50s housewife stereotypes. Then we get angry. And you might not like it when we're angry. ( ;-) )

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